"I'm so thankful to have found this company, they have repaired the stone chips on my windshield quickly and professionally."
Michael Tacks / Scarborough

"A couple weeks ago, I broke my windshield, and I thought that I needed to spend a lot of money to have it repaired. It was a huge misconception, as this service replaced my windshield for a very decent price."
Arnold Dominguez / Scarborough

"Manila Auto Glass did a splendid job with my damaged rear view mirrors. I'm so happy I hired them!"
Trevor Mills / Scarborough

"I am very thankful that this company did my window tinting, as the quality is simply outstanding. Thank you Manila Auto Glass."
Mike Manalo / Markham

"A few weeks ago, I received a windshield replacement service from this company, and I was so satisfied. I highly recommend this company!"
Jake Santos / Toronto

"Me and my husband were so happy when we received a side door glass service from this company. They definitely met our expectations."
Shirley Stewart / Toronto

"Amazing service, friendly employees, and the company didn't disappoint me whatsoever."
Gilbert Arnaiz / Brampton

"This service offers very affordable rates, yet delivers quality service. I couldn't be happier."
Christian Dizon / Ajax

"I received their service last week, and I have completely nothing negative to say about them. Money well spent!"
Jarmaine Wallace / Scarborough

"Reliable customer service and very easy to contact. Now I know who to look for when I need auto glass or windshield repair service."
Anthony Mundine / Mississauga

"I'm a pessimistic person, but I had nothing but positive things to say about this company. I couldn't have hired a better service."
Daniel Diaz / Toronto

"I received quality service for a good price, and I advise everyone to seek their service if they need auto glass or windshield replacement."
Arnel Romolo / Pickering

"Very satisfied and have used their service more than once. Manila Auto Glass has been our go-to windshield repair service in Toronto."
Raymond Trinidad / Toronto

"My friend referred me to this company a few months ago, and until now, I still seek their service."
Brandon Murray / Scarborough
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